Chintalapalli (Hunasenahalli) is a tiny hamlet situated near Gouribidanur in Chikkaballapur district. However, the music world recognizes Chintalapalli as synonymous with pure Karnatic classical music and its unique style enriched by the musicians of this heritage/parampara from time immemorial whose history goes beyond 800 years of uninterrupted lineage. Many famous and eminent musicians and artists have hailed from this village, who had the distinction of having served the royal quotes of Hoysala, Vijayanagara, Bahamani and Mysore rulers as 'Court Musicians' had not only won laurels but also the hearts of rasikas, kings and emperors of these dynasties. 'Sangeetha Raya' Thimmanna was one among them.

Ranadhulla Khan, a chieftain of Nawab Adilshah of Bahamani kingdom, Bijapur, while returning from Bangalore after conquering Kempegowda II had heard about the discipline achievements and greatness of Veena Vidwan Thimmanna from his begum, who was a student of Thimanna. Khan in a lighter mood challenges Thimmanna to play Veena on a Stone Pillar, he threatens to not only kill him but also destroy the entire village of Chintalapalli, otherwise. Thimanna accepts the challenge with great innovation and presents of mind creates a form of Veena out of a stone pillar and place the Veena by tieing one end of large strings to stone pillar and other end to the saddle of horse pulled in opposite direction. Ranadhullah Khan stuck by awe, at this marvel and oppoligises to Thimanna. In recognition of this feat grants 16 villages including Chintalapalli as Inam and confers the title of 'Sangeetha Raya' to Thimanna. The copy of title deed of this enam with seal and signature of Ranadhulla Khan is available. This Parampara was again decorated by two illustrious personalities viz., the father and son duo of Chintalapalli Venkata Rao and Chintalapalli Ramachandra Rao, who were the Asthana Vidwans in the courts of Sri Krishna Raja Wodeyar and Sri. Jayachamaraja Wodeyar who honoured them with titles 'Sangeetha Rathana' and 'Ganakala Sindhu' . Chintalapalli Venkata Rao comes under the direct lineage of Thyagaraja Shishya Parampara. This parampara has gifted eminent artists like Karnataka Kala Thilaka, Gayaka Chathura Chintalapalli Krishnamurthy, Chintalapalli Ranga Rao, Chintalapalli Venkataramaiah, Chintalapalli Sheshagiri Rao, Chintalapalli Suryanarayana Rao, Chintalapalli Chandrashekar apart from present day artists like Chintalapalli Nagaraja Rao, Gudibande Brothers, Chintalapalli Ramesh, Chintalapalli Subbaganga, Chintalapalli Srinivas, Srikantham Nagendra Shastry etc., due to this perennial flow of talent, this parampara can be described as a banyan tree with deep and vast roots. Hence, the same is chosen as the emblem of the trust. 'Chintalapalli Parampara' is established with several unique objectives like.

a. Running a Gurukula on the lines of ancient Gurukula System to disseminate knowledge of classical music and arts, free of cost to the needy and deserving students, with a lofty idea of transforming students to become performing artists within a span of three years. Already several eminent musicians have concented to teach at this Gurukula.

b. To form Mruthika Brindhavanas of Saints and Composers like Sri.Jayadeva, Sri Narayana Theertha, Sri. Thyagaraja, Sri. Muthuswamy Dixithar, Sri.Shama Shastry, Sri.Haridasaru and Sri Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar in a kala bhavan to be constructed at Chintalapalli village.

c. To convert the former residence ot Chintalapalli Venkata Rao at Chintalapalli into a magnificient musical museum for preserving and showcasing rare photographs, awards, momentos, documentaries, recordings, palm leaf inscriptions and other invaluable articles pertaining to the music world.

d. Identify and recognize Chintalapalli talent/artists, honour artists and musicians, publish periodicals connected to the music, research and new experiments with music field etc. , In this way the trust has planned to carry out valuable and unprecedented activities for the benefit of music and society at last.